Industrial Ship with Rail Spurs

Gral. Escobedo Centro, General Escobedo, Nuevo León

  • US$ 21,850 En Renta
  • US$ 21,850 En Renta
  • 4,785 m² de construcción


  • Tipo: Nave industrial
  • ID: EB-ID8672
  • Agente: Manuel Zirahuen Aranda Aviles


Area: 51514Sq Ft (4785M2)
Clear height: 32.8 ft (10.0 m) (Minimum C.H.) Docks: with mechanical levelers of 30,000 lb. capacity.
Floor: 8” (20 cm) thick concrete floor slab.
Truck Court: Asphalt surface 4” thick.
Structure: Metal columns & metal cover sheet KR18 CAL 24 with 3” glass-fiber insulation. Distance between columns 49.21 ft. (15 m.) Exterior Wall: Hebel ACC4 panel 5.9" (15cm) Lighting: 5% of natural lighting & LED lighting 150 watts. Substation: three-phase pedestal type transformer of 200 KVA.
Rail service: 95.276 ' (90ml) railroad front

Available for rent at $4.57USD m2

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Gral. Escobedo Centro, General Escobedo, Nuevo León

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